Image bm783.GIF 2D Object
The 2D object element will create a two-dimensional object. A two-dimensional object is an object consisting of a picture that can be put into the scene like a usual three-dimensional object. The object picture is entered as the element's parameter. The picture is utilized as a texture, therefore common rules similar to those that are valid for the texture, are also valid for the picture (Size is a power of 2, texture smoothing can assert itself). The two-dimensional object can typically be used for trees, bushes and similar landscape objects, as well as for enemy figures and projectile pictures. A two-dimensional object is a surface (similar to the wall object) possessing a special feature: It is continually being rotated in the viewer’s direction. Thus, as a consequence, it is deemed by the viewer to be a three-dimensional object. The object rotation is implemented by additional rotation around the Y axis; that is why it is not recommended to change the object rotations sequence of the value of rotation around the Y axis (the correction being added to the entered Y rotation). For the object surface the contours parameter is automatically set to a value of 0.5. The element returns the identification number of the created 2D object.

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